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I believe what makes me a good caregiver is the fact that I do the job that I do taking care of the elderly because I love it because I have a heart and a passion for it because I love meeting people I listen to their stories of their life. Because a lot of residents that I meet once they're in a nursing home Facility have no family or friends that visit and I look forward to being a companion to those people to brighten your day and to brighten the remainder of their life. Some of the things that make a good caregiver and I believe that I possess are the ability to have understanding and compassion you don't want to sympathize and feel sorry for the people you deal with if you do want to emphasize and I believe that makes you but it's your job because one day and that same chair or bed it could be you or someone you love. So working hard not cutting Corners doing the best job possible is something I take seriously when working with geriatric for elderly residents. I believe you also have to have the ability to not get offended when things are said I've been called every name in the book by every person possible and still treat that same person that may have hurt my feelings as if I love them and care about them I tend to think that not having family around everyday not having anyone visit would drive even the nicest sweetest person to somehow possess a bit of resentment and anger so I don't take it personal by being called bad names that is a person that show a little bit of extra care to take a little bit of more time with. What attracted me to be a caregiver is I come from a long line of nurses and I see and have seen firsthand how quickly they got burnt out and that was just by doing paperwork and sitting behind the desk and maybe interacting with a patient by doing a bad past but I knew that I wanted to get down and dirty in the nursing home facilities.