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I am a mother of two sons, I choose to be a caregiver/companion because I enjoy helping others, its soulful work and I believe my purpose. What makes me a great caregiver is that \\\\\\"I care\\\\\\" I am patient, organized, flexible and empathetic. I became a caregiver at a young age as second from the oldest of seven children, helping my mother was natural and important to me. Later in life she had a stroke in her late 30's, I continued to care for her throughout her life, she was my pal. Since then I have cared for seniors/veteran's in their private homes helping them, encouraging them with everyday activities, medication reminders, working with the treatment team to optimize care and comfort. I enjoy helping others in need or less fortunate than myself and the deep feeling of satisfaction it brings to me. Some personal achievements, when I was asked ( trusted) to babysit my neighbor's week old baby at the age of twelve, I was so honored ! Then at fourteen I saved a 4 year old boy who was bobbing up and down drowning in the deep end of a neglected swimming pool. I jumped into the dirty, cold, dark water in the middle of winter and saved the life of a little 4 year old twin boy. His twin sister was hysterical and the little boy was frightened but ok. I am comfortable and have worked in Human Services with all ages. I have all the necessary clearances from DOJ & CHP plus CPR & Child, plus TB to work in CA.

Skills & Certifications: Home Health Aide (HHA)

CPR certified Assisting with bathing and grooming: This can include but is not limited to: shampooing hair, finger and toenail care, brushing teething, and shower assistance. Basic food preparation:From grocery shopping to actually preparing the food and of course its very important to ensure the senior is displaying proper nutrition. Medication reminders:we must assure that medications are taken at the correct time as directed by the doctor. I like to have alarm on my clock to never miss the time because this are important. Light housekeeping: keep a safe and clean environment. The Duties related to housekeeping will typically involve making the bed and and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen and that they assign that needed to be cleaning like if they have pets. The pets gets care too. Transferring the elderly residents these are main: transferring the elderly from chairs, from the toilet, from bed, and to and from a vehicle of course be very careful and making sure they're fine getting all the care they ask and needs. Toileting:It's important to assist with using the toilet to encourage comfort and prevent any infections Transportation: will help to take the elder around to doctor's appointment and other activities. Monitoring changes in client's health: its important to that we follow up with the care plan, and when VNA & Hospice like supervising nurse will want to know if there are any changes in health that are concerning and that may need medical they need.