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1)I became a caregiver because I love to help others and make a different in someone else's life .2)What I like about being a caregiver is,to be able to help someone and it make me happy . Because I am a loving & caring & respectful ,trustworthy person .When I'm helping someone I feel very happy , especially for those that can't help themselves. 3) A personal achievement that I am proud of ,is all my four children are done with college and one of them is married and started with new job and my last one/son is graduated done with college & already starting working. To me that's a big accomplishment and very proud of all of them. I'm going to be a grandma next year That's make me really happy &they are really close to God that 's making me even more happier. Only God can do such things ...To me it's a dream come true & Glory to GOD. 4)About myself , I've been married for 31 years and I have four children and I am God fearing .And I've been Cna for more than 17 years and I love what I do . The reason that I love it is because I was in car accident 20 years ago I could not do nothing for myself and my family took care of me and I said to myself I have to help others who needed help & won't be able to take care of themselves. And because I have compassion for what I tell anyone that who want me to work with a loved one if they don't have enough money to pay I'm willing to negotiate. Because our Father in heaven wants us to care for one another.
I am a retired Human Resource Specialist. I retired in 2005. In 2014, I visited my brother and his wife, both in their 70's and disabled. Little did I know that they were in bad need of a caregiver. Out of love in my heart for them (as i had no caregiving experience), what was to be a two week visit turned out to be a six month visit. I essentially became their caregiver, monitored their medication, took them wherever they needed to go, accompanied them on doctor visits, made all their medically related appointments, spoke with the pharmacist relative to their medications, did all the cooking and cleaning. I found the work most rewarding and enjoyed it thoroughly. After returning home six months later I decided I would go to work as a caregiver. My past work as a disability claims manager and coordination with case managers, medical staff and the employee equipped me with the skills to be an excellent caregiver. I am very much a nurturer, compassionate, empathetic and have a pleasing personality. I love the elderly, children and pets, I am a nonsmoker. As a caregiver I'm very proud of my ability to redirect dementia and Alzheimer's patients, they're the most challenging patients but the most rewarding to me each time I'm able to redirect them. What I enjoy most about being a caregiver is bringing joy and purpose to the lives of my patients, I enjoy grooming them and getting them ready for the day, making their bed as they watch, they love that. I do love my caregiving work.