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2 for the price of 1 I (Katherine)am the oldest of 15 children my sister Elisa 15 months younger than I. We were very blessed with a mother who upheld the values of the Montessori method of learning. We were very fortunate to have been exposed to many wonders that the world has to offer, such as traveling and volunteering with some of the most well known advocates of human rights (scheidler) .Hospitality was always emphasized and my mother was an exemplary model of a hostess and business entrepreneur. Our Grandparents with whom we had very close relationships with practiced and studied medicine in some of Chicago's leading medical facilities. Among the diversity of my (Katherine)experiences stands out my work with children and young adults who suffer with severe autism and disabilities.I have spent the last 7 years working closely with my sister Elisa Mary. We started off at a live in volunteer position managing a 16 bed women's shelter. We were effectively able to provide a warm and loving environment to women and children who were most in need. The duties ranged from admissions to cooking, cleaning and laundry. After a few short years of working together we decided to venture on our own and travel using the skills we had acquired from our broad range of previous elderly care and missionary work. We have been blessed with many unique experiences and wonderful travels. My sister Elisa also worked closely with many Religious orders across the country by providing some of the nation's most unfortunate with excellent companionship and care. It is our pleasure getting to know and serving our clients with health care tailored to their individual needs. We like to pride our selves in giving home health corporations A run for their money by providing an outstanding work ethic coupled with a genuine love for our clients that simply is not found elsewhere.