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Ever since I was a child I knew three things for sure. First I wanted to become a nurse, secondly a wife and last but not least a mother. I am definitely one of the lucky ones, who has been able to live my dream. I have worked in labor and delivery, NICU and hospice in hospitals at various points. I did stay home for quite a few years to raise my amazing 2 sons. About the time I was ready to get back into the workforce, life happens. I was diagnosed with cancer, and went through a divorce. These things only helped to give me the little push I needed to jump right back in head first. I can not put an exact pin on exactly why I enjoy at home nurse care, but it totally fulfills me. My patients are amazing, become family and give me so much joy. I enjoy helping them to enjoy life, all while allowing them to keep their dignity and not feel totally dependent on me. I am extremely reliable, and trustworthy. I can provide references as needed, and still I'm contact with most of my patients families. (One of my hospice patients daughter, myself and other aides still meet for dinner once a year). I do become emotionally attached, and make no excuses for it. I treat them as family, as how I would want someone to treat my parents. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions for me. Looking forward to speaking with you! ** Within the last 12 months I have had a background check as well as FBI fingerprints done when helping as a fill in school nurse at my youngest son's school.
I would be a great caregiver because I am empathetic, patient and great at getting a long with all people of all ages. I am attracted to being a caregiver as I am hoping to feel fulfillment in helping others. I would enjoy the fact that I am helping another person who is in need of my assistance. My personal achievement I am most proud of is that I am a mother of a intelligent, loving, kind 9 year-old son. I have a hard-working, supportive, loving husband of 12 years, who I have supported to get to where he is as a full-time Dental Assistant. I have worked with children in the school district, and I have my ALT4 for teaching HEALTH and Family & Consumer Science (passed the teaching praxis flying colors!! 99% on my Math!). I love my family. I love my two cats. I love art & music. I honestly love helping others (I used to manage the Clinique Counter in Concord for 3 years, I am not into sales and I left it to teach for a bit and spend time with my family- retail hours are horrible, I miss my clients most of all- helping them see the beauty in themselves as well as helping enhance it by playing with skincare and makeup. I also was honored by ELLE magazine in 2012 for my contribution to the beauty industry and was called "Concord's Confidence Maker" as it went on to explain how much I care for my clients and they appreciate me- this was something written by my Clinique Manager, I did not even know I was nominated until I read it!) I love education and helping others. I also volunteer at the Capitol Center of the Arts so I enjoy volunteering my time for the arts and working with my retired, older friends.