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Good Day, my name is Susan Headley and i was quite delighted to come across your site CareLinx . Reading all the beautiful reviews about this company and being happy as a caregiver ,making your clients and their families happy as well. As of now, i am currently a widow since losing my beloved husband William 4 years ago from cancer.We have two beautiful sons who are now 18 and 16 plus years old. i do know that i am a very compassionate, patient, understanding, very kind and caring individual who is willing to please others first than myself. At this point and time being home for two years having the privilege to be able to be home with my two sons, I understood that this was truly a blessing for me and my sons to survive without their dad being with us. However, deep down inside i felt that i needed a change of profession from teaching and being around young children after five years working with the Board of Education and two years working as a case manager for a non-profit organization. These were two very challenging stressful jobs that i thought i would never look back in going to. Since my husband's passing i felt that i needed a change of thought in doing something that was so peaceful and compassionate as giving care to the elders. I truly feel that i needed something like this moving forward . Thank you and i look forward to being part of your team one day. Fondly, Susan Headley

Skills & Certifications: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)