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I believe I'm a great caregiver because of my years of experience with the elderly. I'm passionate about it it's something that I love doing. It is my career. I definitely believe it's my calling in life. I believe my passion for the elderly started when I was young. My mother worked in a nursing home setting and I spent a lot of time at work with her and around the elderly. I built relationships and began to love them. I think this definitely played a role in my wanting to continue helping and caring for people. My dad also was terminally ill from the time that I was 17 until he passed away two years ago. I cared for him for several years as well as other caregivers that were sent out because of his insurance. During this about 15 your time period I met a lot of different caregivers and he received care from a lot of different people. I definitely realized at this time how important your relationship with a patient is and how I wanted people to take care of my dad. I understand how important it is that I treat my patients just as I would want someone to take care of my father. I believe they are someone's mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, wife ect and I would want someone to treat my family with the upmost respect and compassion. I pride myself in treating my patients like I would want my family treated. I don't think I have a specific one accomplishment I think my accomplishment is just the years of joy I've spent with my patients and being able to be with my dad during his last moments. I will always remember the compassion people provided my family and I will always reciprocate that love and care.