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Hello, I am a very compassionate person, dependable, great listener, respectful with my clients and their values, very kind, punctual, hard worker, with a great attitude. I love and enjoy helping people, when and where they more need. Being a CNA, was the greatest decision, I have made in my life, because my dream came through; since I was little I liked to help people. I gave a lot to my clients and more than anything, a handful of help, understanding, passion, love and a great smile in my face, every time when I arrive to their homes, but not only I give them, but I also receive many things back in return. Another big smile, and thanks, for everything I do for them. There is not a better feedback that their appreciation for my hard work and commitment. I remember hearing this expression from my last client "Maxi you make my days. I am so happy when I see you in my door", The services I can provide to you and your loves one are: company and conversation, helping recovery from surgeries, fall prevention, medication reminder, light cooking and housekeeping, laundry, errands, driving to Dr. app., assisting in activities of daily living, shower or bath, walking, and many more as needed. I have many skills and more than five years of experience in this field and can provide certifications and great references. I also have fingerprint card and CPR certification. I am looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank you, Maximina
i am a knowledgeable,caring, gentle, focused, attentive and hardworking caregiver with a former medical background. I moved from a career as a Community Health Aid Program Village coordinator in Alaska (Physician Assistant) to serve as live-in caregiver for my newly widowed father in Mesa, Arizona where he had no immediate family. For over 10 years I was sole caregiver and household manager, seeing to his activities of daily living: bathing, dressing, toileting, cooking, housekeeping, urostomy management, renal dietary maintenance, organizing and dispensing daily pills, comfort, and companionship. I transported him to/from medical appointments including dialysis three times weekly, aided in medical decision making, and facilitated his understanding of the nature of his health. I was responsible for all aspects of transfer and mobility, as he was frail and a high fall risk. I was responsible for shopping and management of all home maintenance. I assisted and provided care for my father in the course of his physical therapy daily exercises, and in daily dressing changes during wound care. It was a great moment when we finally got his ulcer closed! At his end of life I researched and selected a hospice facility where he was able to pass with comfort and dignity. Through this experience I was able to discover and appreciate a side of patient care that I never had during my medical career and that I came to appreciate deeply.