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I am very compassionate and I have lots of patients I educated myself as much as i can to understand who ever I am caring for i always put there needs first and make sure there comfortable and happy and to have them trust me. being a care giver for my husband grandmother taught me a lot about myself.. she couldn't do for herself and creating a bond that was unbreakable when she passed she said take care of those if there were your mother or father 8 years with her and again I found the sweetest 88 year old man who said we are best friends and I filled his depression piece with happiness and love we lost him 4/22/18 being a care giver for someone love one you not only learn but gain amazing friendship , trust, patients, also education I am going to school to finish up my GED and going for my cna licence i enjoying and love having connection with the person i take care of and the family .. i took care of a man who was a diabete i changed his,diet and i also give him insulin shots i also have records on his b.p and b.s what I am proud of his seeing someone smile and knowing that there happy and the family happy. I am also certified in ADVANCE FIRST AID certified if you are interested in hiring me if I need to educate myself about your loved one I also have a certificate in dementia care , heart disease and DIET and difficulty chewing and swallowing I also have certificate in professional caregiver i also have one in light housekeeping i am also working on other certificates also aware of the stages of dementia and Alzheimer's there are 7 stages and I am well educated ,also my father has stage 4 cancer and I am well aware of him having cancer in the bone,blood, prostate cancer, also him having a heart condition,and educating myself is #1 my nephew also has goodpasture syndrome and kidney disease,having 2 brothers with enlarge hearts they push me to enter the medical field