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As I grew up in my neighborhood,I witnessed a lot of accidents that I assisted in, I took that desire to be more helpful and joined the California Army National Guard as a medic. I was trained in Fort Sam Houston, Texas and then sent to Lederman Army Hospital in San Francisco, CA. I supported training exercises in which I ran troop medical clinics. To get my nursing license, my unit unit sent me to a civilian LVN school. I did well in school and obtained my license. I the n worked at several hospitals in Southern California. My experience was in ICU, ER, medical-surgical floors, and medical jail floors. My later years in nursing have revolved around home care nursing. I have worked with everyone from babies on ventilators to the elderly. My skills are very good, I am passionate about nursing and I always strive to increase my knowledge base. I am also considered a people person. If I am selected to care for your loved one, I will be actively involved. If it is a young one, I will learn what the therapists want to do and I will follow through. Although I love to interact with my patients, I take my lead from the person receiving care. If it is desired that I perform my duties without much talking, I can do this. I always strive to learn and so my best personal achievement was to attain my bachelor's degree. Although, I have given my background in nursing, I will add some of my personal interests. Befor

Skills & Certifications: Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)