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I am a mother of two sons, I choose to be a caregiver/companion because I enjoy helping others, its soulful work and I believe my purpose. What makes me a great caregiver is that \\\\\\"I care\\\\\\" I am patient, organized, flexible and empathetic. I became a caregiver at a young age as second from the oldest of seven children, helping my mother was natural and important to me. Later in life she had a stroke in her late 30's, I continued to care for her throughout her life, she was my pal. Since then I have cared for seniors/veteran's in their private homes helping them, encouraging them with everyday activities, medication reminders, working with the treatment team to optimize care and comfort. I enjoy helping others in need or less fortunate than myself and the deep feeling of satisfaction it brings to me. Some personal achievements, when I was asked ( trusted) to babysit my neighbor's week old baby at the age of twelve, I was so honored ! Then at fourteen I saved a 4 year old boy who was bobbing up and down drowning in the deep end of a neglected swimming pool. I jumped into the dirty, cold, dark water in the middle of winter and saved the life of a little 4 year old twin boy. His twin sister was hysterical and the little boy was frightened but ok. I am comfortable and have worked in Human Services with all ages. I have all the necessary clearances from DOJ & CHP plus CPR & Child, plus TB to work in CA.