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Helping seniors was a path I totally embraced after a long career in marketing with positions in advertising and public relations. I was seeking something that was of service to people on a deeper level. I have always admired and respected our elders as they have so much to teach us and I believe we are here to help others. So, I signed up with a company two years ago and began my journey of working with seniors and the disabled. With a background in communications, I am an excellent conversationalist and skilled at picking up on non-verbal clues. I truly enjoy being with seniors and always love listening to their stories. While I am an engaged companion, I am very aware that I am there as a caregiver to that person and do my best to fulfill whatever needs I can fulfill. From the usual tasks of help with tasks of daily living, I am attentive to small kindnesses such as brushing hair and lotion on the back. If you asked any of the companies I have or do work for, they would tell you that I am punctual, extremely reliable, honest and kind. And, if you asked any of the more than 50 people I have helped along the way, they would tell you that I genuinely cared about them, their families and making their lives a little more happy and comfortable. I am very patient and resourceful, having frequently worked with folks who have some degree of memory impairment. Also patience with those who may not have memory issues, but set in their ways and honoring that. I believe that my personal achievement I am most proud of in doing this work is that I always go that extra mile for each individual in each situation. I
I Mary really enjoy my career as a homr care provider, I became even more interested after working as an medical assistant along side Dr. John R Shaw. We had several geriatrics as our patients, it was then as I observed the struggles some had even getting to our office. Dr. Shaw unfortunately passed away a few years after I working with him. So at this point is when I decided to dedicate my skills and began reaching out to Seniors. I truly enjoy getting to know clients and really enjoy the stories, memories, looking at photos with them from their past. It's very interesting & fun. I feel very good at the end of my day, knowing I made my client (s) happy and to feel that they feel safe,comfortable, secure. Is a great feeling to go home with. A professional achievement I can say will l ways stick with me, is when I assisted Marie when I began with her she was bed-ridden, wouldn't eat much if at all. I immediately began communication with her daughter and stated I felt perhaps she was taking to many medications in one sitting, and throughout the day. Well it began with her daughter bringing over all medications and we sat and went through each one. At is point I discovered that she was on some medications that where for the same diagnosis.. Some to lower and some to higher. So we begin pulling the ones I suggested to her daughter that should be taken way, weaned off of etc. Long story short we went and visited her physician and started with removing some etc. What a difference she began making progress, We got physical therapy to come into the home I continued to assist on a daily with her exercising. And she began to walk with her walker once again! Her appetite & over all health improved. She began attending her card games at the club house, played bingo etc . It was a wonderful feeling for me knowing I got her outta being bed- bound.