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Under NYS Law and vested licensure, I am an Advanced Home Health Care Professional, who owns several years of home health care experience. By the same token, I am personable, and I ascribe to graciously delivering, the elite or sincere assistance to those who need help. I am known for my ability to teach others, and have a lot of patience for most individuals. With that said, I strive to serve and meet all challenges that unfold in the caregiving environments. This ability is refined through an adept ability to locate information which heightens, positive - outcomes in caregiving sectors. In keeping with any question of my qualifications, alongside, why I chose to work in the home health care profession. My simple answer is, just imagine for a moment, lacking critical - assistance to maintain health, and not being able to obtain sincere and timely support. Truly a scary situation! Especially if one lives in a remote area, far away from places which prevent consequences from ill health. Hence, my increased focus is serving populations, with unmet needs in home -health care contexts. Plus, given efforts brings back memories of joy. What is one such moment? The most enjoyable moments to date, emerges from the joy that comes from clients being able to enjoy home cooked meals. Meals which I am able to prepare. Here is an illustration. A former client of mine, remarked, "You take care of me, as if we were related," to which she added the age old question. "Why do you do all the things you do for me?" To which I reiterated, an ability , mine, of being able to relate within my imaginings , of a person who lacked Home health care support. Finally, In terms of a most memorable achievement, it would have to be assuming my collaborative place as a CareLinx Home Health Care Professional. Addendum: $200 (U.S.) per day for resubmission of time sheets, due to initial rejection.

Skills & Certifications: Home Care Aide (HCA), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Good day to you! I am an Filipino Certified Nursing Assistant /Patient Care Technician and a BLS/ CPR Certified who has 8 years experience in caring for client's at their homes and at Assisted living Residences. I have experience caring for Alzheimer's, Dementia, COPD, wound care, heart failure, hospice and bi-polar clients. I am a reliable, dependable, honest, professional and experienced Senior care provider that has a big heart and respect for elderly people. I also have also worked as a personal assistant arranging doctors appointments and have help patients get information from insurance companies. I'm also a pretty good cook and enjoy learning new dishes, including Kosher meal prep. I am a compassionate person and has big empathy for elderly people's feelings and well being. I truly give my kind and sincere services to them and value highly their dignity. I am looking for a 5 days regular shifts jobs either day or night duty. My latest direct client passed away at age 84 years old a couple of weeks ago due to sudden heart attack that had a significant damage on her heart valves. I am a compassionate, reliable, dependable, focus and professional care provider that gives high respect, care and love to elderly people and people of any age bracket. I look forward to hear from you. Thank you! Yours truly, Maria Teresa ( Tessa) Granada Certified Patent Care Technician Fort Lee, New Jersey

Skills & Certifications: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)