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I am an enthusiastic, big hearted, 22 year old. I enjoy caring for people and providing companionship as well. I never grew up around family and to me the people I care for become family and I treat them as such. If I would not want my parents, grandparents etc. treated a certain way I can assure you I will not do that to yours. I love the connection and the opportunity it gives me to give back to the community. I know people are very busy and can not always provide the time or care for their elderly and/or disabled loved ones and that is why I have gone into this field to provide the assistance needed for families to help alleviate some stress and worry. I am hard working, honest, polite, and will do my best to provide what you want and expect from me as a caregiver. A personal achievement that I am proud of would have to be the connection I made with a family when I first started this career. It's an experience that keeps me going even when I get discouraged with school and such..... I bonded with an elderly gentleman I took care of and his family. Sadly he was the first death I experienced and I took it hard. His family made a point to come visit me at work and invite me to his funeral. They wanted to also let me know how much they appreciated how I took care of their father and gave me such an amazing feeling and to this day it helps me always remember WHY I do this and all the good that comes from what I do as a caregiver