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I am compassionate, high sense of empathy. I am detail oriented, fast learner, very clean and organized. During my undergraduate career I worked as a LifeLink Student Mentor. A student mentor is usually a college student who accompanies young adults who suffer different disabilities to college classes, help them take notes or anything they may require help with. The program was designed to help those young adults experience the college atmosphere after graduating high school. I have also worked with senior citizens, kept them company, prepared meals for them, gave them medicine, cleaned their houses, helped them bathe and change their clothes. What attracted me the most, is all the different personalities I met, all the stories and wisdom individuals shared with me. I got to experience the world through their eyes. For example, when I worked as a student mentor, I did not realize there is adults and college students who did not understand disabilities and were so ignorant to laugh at them. I never imagined people can be so cruel, but I was happy I was there for them to protect them and defend them. It broke my heart when I first experienced such ignorance. The achievement I am proud of most, which I don't think was very special, is getting accepted into Pennsylvania State University. I came to the United States in the year 2005, I came from a country where I wasn't taught English. I was able to teach myself English, I excelled in my high school that I was the only student who is getting paid to tutor other ESL students in Math, I made honor roll in the first semester. I got an outstanding grade in my SAT that got me into PSU with scholarship fully paid. So, this is about, I hope it wasn't too long or boring. Looking forward to meeting and working for you.