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Hello my name is Lora, I work out of Cape Coral and Key West FL. I decided to be a caregiver for the elderly initially to make extra money on the weekends. I worked for an agency and I was very good at my job. I now do this work full time. I had a home daycare for 12 years and really enjoyed helping children thrive in the beginning of their life it was very satisfying. I feel the same satisfaction when I help elderly people to be happy and comfortable and cared for. (One of my References) Lora was my mother's caregiver for a couple years. As my mother aged and became progressively worse, there were only a couple of the caregivers that she actually liked. Lora was definitely one of them. Mom would look forward to her visits because Lora would give her a nighttime shower, which was not an easy task. Lora never complained and always had a smile on her face. she also had a certain calmness about her that kept my mom calm and feel safe at all times. She was very organized, exceedingly knowledgeable and punctual. Sometimes I would stop in after work and notice the two of them laughing and talking in the other room. Lora has a way of making people feel comfortable, and she is easy to talk to, it seems she genuinely loves people. She is very gentle, patient and caring with people as well. I would highly recommend Lora Mims as a caregiver. She is trustworthy and honest but most of all, she has a big heart and I feel she truly loved my mom and my mom loved her. Sincerely, Cheryl Johnson You can find another reference under work (Glen) Thank you for your consideration and I hope to be hearing from you. I'm willing to travel for the right position. Thank you for your consideration, I hope to be hearing from you .