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What makes me a great caregiver would have to be my patience, compassion, consideration, empathy, attention to detail and my love for others. I treat others with the same respect that I would want. My mother was diagnosed with a savvier disorder for sleep apnea when I was only 4. 3 yrs later she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, nerve damage then formed from diabetes as well as sugar issues. 5 months later she was then diagnosed with lupus. She also had a fluid disorder, arthritis, obesity, blood disorder (polycythemia vera), She was never diagnosed but we believed she had formed dementia 1 yr before her death. I took on the responsibility of taking care of her at 17. When I was 18 she had to undergo a thrombectomy (surgery to remove blood clots). She had 1 1/2 gallons removed. When she came home I was her caretaker/caregiver for her surgery recovery. I took her to and from her appointments, helped her bath, fixed her meals, administered her medications and kept up with her medications and ran her errands. I would have to say this as well as the job I worked as a health aid has attracted me to be a great caregiver. I have also dealt with and still deal with epilepsy, My sister and my aunt have grandma seizures, my cousin has pseudoseizures ( not epileptic they are emotion stress induced). What I most enjoy is the one on one bond that you gain from the resident you are caring for. This type of job gives someone a nice sense of respect, It helps one gain more knowledge and helps family's in need of help to get that help. It takes a lot for someone to leave there loved one with a stranger, I gain a sense of respect and honesty to be trusted with this individual. A personal achievement that I am proud of would have to be taking care of my mom as well as being there for my sister, aunt, and cousin. There is a lot of health problems in my family and I am proud that I am the one that is able to help them.