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I am caring, passionate, take pride in my work, attentive to other peoples needs, and a great listener. I have always wanted to care for the elderly since high school and wanted to become a caregiver at that time but I was talked and convinced out of it by my strict aunt & uncle who finished raising me since the age of 15. I wanted to do something in the medical field so I went to a technical institute to study medical records clerk/transcription; transcription was my calling. I realized at that point that I could help those in need (medically) by transcribing the dictation doctors did and translate that onto paper so it could become the patient's permanent medical record. I love transcription but it is becoming obsolete due to electronic medical records; technology is taking over leaving the human race looking for other means of contributing to the healthcare profession. Now, that I am older, having had an elderly mother in a nursing home and losing her due to natural causes, as well as raising two wonderful sons who in turn are caring for me (not medically, I'm still willing and able to fend for myself as well as others) I feel it is time to move on to something with more meaning and fulfilling in my life. I enjoy listening to people who are much older than I, I love listening to their stories of life, grooming them, sitting with them enjoying a cup of coffee and good conversation, as well as sitting outside just taking in nature. I do not tolerate abusive behavior (from family members) neither verbal, mental, emotional, nor physical on the young or elderly, they are defenseless and that is what a caregiver is there for, to defend, care, and protect the innocent. The elderly are people too and I treat others the way I would want to be treated at their age or the way I would want my family members to be treated.