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I decided to become a caregiver in order to transition over from a more "professional" career to one in which I feel more fulfilled by helping others, making a difference in people's lives & can feel more valued than a corporation could allow me to feel. I was born with the innate tendency and desire to care for others. I believe that I learned this trait from my mother of five, who is also a professional caregiver. Some call it a blessing and some call it a curse! It makes me feel better about myself to show & give love to others, both humans and pets. A personal career achievement I am proud of has been recruiting people to Yosemite National Park and making their dreams come true. For me, it is heaven on Earth, and was personally rewarding having the power to allow others the opportunity to experience the same feeling of community and nature's peace that I felt there as well. Recently I have felt another type of fulfillment by volunteering at the local pound and helping care for the homeless animals. I can take them on walks and give them affection. All in all, it just feels good to help and feel that I am making a difference in the life of another being. I am a social being by nature and really enjoy connecting with other souls and listening to their story, even if it's repeated over and over again! I also do fine working in solitude. I am currently in my 30's and do not have any children as of yet. I am in a long term relationship and living in Willows, California.