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I believe what makes me such an awesome caregiver is how passionate I am about my work. I am passionate about my work because I love what I do. At this current point in my life I am a student at Washtenaw Community College studying Communications. I have dreams of speaking on behalf of people who feel as though they have no voice. I want to be the voice of my community and do what it takes to make a positive change for current generations and generations to come. I feel as if I am an exceptional communicator! love forming close interpersonal bonds with people, I find it fascinating to exchange experiences and life lessons. Those pure conversations help shape my own perspective of life. I am a young free spirited individual. In my spare time I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen (preferably baking), watching movies (funny ones of course), journaling, and most of all traveling. I have made my way to twenty-two out of all fifty states. I have hopes of visiting each one then venturing out further once I have reached my goal. Traveling is one of my most proud achievements thus far in my life. It may sound a bit odd, but I truly believe that you can learn more from other people and cultures than you can from yourself. I have learned so much along my journey and have met so many amazing people in the process. I hope to be placed with a sweet family who allows me the opportunity to not only learn from them, but they can learn from me as well. I look forward to receiving a message from you! -Elizabeth

Skills & Certifications: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)