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1. Honestly, I became a caregiver not realizing the extent of care that was needed in the field. I observed my mother providing care for my father before he passed, and it was hard for me to see him passing away. Since I have become a caregiver, I understand the quality of care that is needed in order to help rehabilitate those who are dependent upon someone they can trust. 2. In this field,I have learned a lot about myself as a person. I never expected to become educated on the subject of self. I have learned that you should not take life for granted, disabled does not mean that a person is not human and that they want to be treated special because of their disability, how the small things in life mean so much to a person when they are unable to provide for themselves such as: a warm hello, brushing their hair, putting fresh flowers in a vase on the dresser or kitchen table. 3. A personal achievement that makes me proud is that, over the years, I can greet most family members that I have provided care for, and they smile and welcome me with memories of how I touched their lives as a caregiver for their loved ones, or those that I have provided care for to rehabilitate them during their short recovery. 4. What is calming to the mind as a caregiver is, going home that day knowing that you have made a difference in someone else's life. If you never see them again, you can honestly say that you did your best. I have a great sense of humor, and a great personality. My work spe