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I enjoy helping people. All the elderly folks have lived there lives and I feel they need the best of care to live out the rest of there lifes that they have here alive. If I put a smile on there face then I know that I have done my job and that is what I look forward to doing for my patients. They don't ask for much and they all deserve to be happy and comfortable while still here on earth. I have some reference's that I am going to list also my first one is Cheryl Miller her number is 916-813-7475, and I cared for her father for a few years and she can let you know how I was working with her dad. The next reference is Sandra Horton her number is 248-225-9387, and even though her mom was in a assissted living facility I still went in and cared for her mom we took her on different activities that the place was offering for the patients to do and helped her feed herself and helped her get ready for bed in the evening. You are more than welcome to call either one of the reference's that I listed. Also if you need any further rreference's please feel free to ask. As a level two home health aide, I can perform the following tasks; House Cleaning, Laundry, Errands/ Travel, Companionship/ Conversation, Meal Preparation, Perform Universal Precautions, Common Diets, Assist with Bathing, Hygiene/ Dressing, Make an Occupied Bed, Slide Board Transfer, Shaving, Med Assist, Use of Gait Belt, Empty Foley Catheter, Foley Catheter Care, Apply Compression Socks and Soft Braces, Oral Care- Denture Care and Brushing Teeth, Nail Care, Foot Care, Able to Assist with Wheelchair/ Walker/ Cane, Exercise- Active/Passive Range of Motion, Skin Care, Stand and Pivot Transfers, Monitoring Intake/ Output, Shampoo/ Hair Care, Turning and Repositioning, Vital Signs (auto machine), Hoyer Lift Transfers, Incontinent Care/ Change Brief, and Feeding