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I honestly never saw myself as becoming a caregiver. I am very energetic but at the same time I have a very laid back personality. I am very easy to get along with and enjoy meeting and getting to know new people. Most people would say I have a lot patience but I just try to treat people as I would want them to treat me. Back in 2010 I made a decision to move back to Halifax County to be closer to my aging but very active and healthy parents. Not long after the move, we made the decision to allow my intellectually challenged older brother to move in with me. I eventually had to became more active with helping my dad as he started to have health problems and almost simultaneously, my brother's health began to decline. Unfortunately back in 2017, I lost both my dad and brother. Being able to help them with their doctor appointments, medicine and other responsibilities such as hygiene and bathing when it came to my brother, was hard work but an honor. So many people have so many responsibilities that they are not in a position to be a caregiver to their family members when in need. I can truly say from experience it is very rewarding duty. It would be fair to say my experience with my family attracted me to becoming a caregiver. Since, the passing of my brother and father I help my mother out a great deal and having been working with individuals who are intellectually challenged, autistic and deal with various health issues. The thing I enjoy most about being a caregiver is the opportunity to treat and assist a person in need with dignity. This many times is not how we hear people are treated. So the chance to treat someone who may just need a little help or a lot, with dignity and respect is an opportunity and privilege for me. Everyone is someone's mother, father, sister, brother, daughter or son. Being able to help my father remain mostly independent in his final years is probably my greatest achievement and honor.