Frank H.

$18.00 / hr

I became a caregiver to help People, I think the greatest thing you can do for someone, is to see a smile on the face of someone that somehow forget what they are through and be thankful that they still have somethig to offer some else. I spend forty years working with Young People,giving advice,directing ,Mentoring,being a Father,Big Brother,Coach, Spriture Leader,and in some cases I was all they had,at that time,I put down my Coaching Hat and pick up my Cargiving hat, I have a gift to help,and to Love all people,this is a great way to give back somethings i been Blessed with,to show that it don't mat ter what you have or don't have their is someone to care about you and to give you the respect you deserve,I worked 30 years Federal Groverment as a sheetmelist doing the same time coaching three sports football,basketball,and baseball with the kids,I was also a Scoute Master, I enjoyed the relationship that will all the kids, i followed them through School, College,and Aldult hood,they put a smile on my face when i see them giving back, being good workers good Fathers good Mothers,Good citizen,I am always Coach Frank,Some i forgot their Name not the Face,I thank God to give me something to offer someone else.I been a caregiver for 12 years, as long as i can i want to help people.I have a Bachelor Degree in Business,I have a Nursing Degree, I am Married to a Beautiful Wife, and the Father of 3 wonderful young Men and one outstanding Daughter,7 Grands Kids, 1 GreatGrand Son, and ... more