Jasmine M.

$15.00 / hr

I am a great caregiver because I look at each one of my clients situation in a unique way. I am very understanding to them and show them that I am there to meet their needs one hundred percent. I became a caregiver because I love helping and having a way to give back because I feel that I'm very blessed. the thing I like about being a caregiver is enlightening someone's day by helping them complete a task that is nearly impossible to do alone, motivating them or just giving the opportunity to vent from whatever they might may have on their mind just being a listening ear. I am proud of the fact that I h ave been a caregiver for 7 years and all of my clients loved the care that I provided to them. I'm 26 with a six year old son whom I love to take new places and teach new things when I'm not working or in school I love being a caregiver, I was raised in a big family with many siblings that I helped to care for I am a peoples person with good communication skills and and a helping hand. ... more