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I am layed back easy going ,but also know that if it something that needs to be done i can also get it done with little resistance with a little sweet talkin I can get it the job done I'm also very good and compassionate about what I do and actually care about the people I take care of through life experiences and work experiences I've had to learn several different things. I am a mother of five children from 17 to 3 years old each of them have things that have taught me life lessons as well as medical conditions who else would take care of your family better than a mother they have to be at all all at the same time wow having empathy and a super hero mode I've been doing this since 2011 and I just really enjoy working with adults I always say that if they've lived this long then the care shouldn't be less than what they deserve and they also shouldn't be brushed under the table and forgotten they took care of us while we were younger and now it's our turn to step up as a community and take care of our elderly and sick it's our job as a human being. Taking care of my two clients before and also my grandmother seeing all-timers deteriorate her I just wanted to help someone else I work several different places and I also love to be an advocate for people who can't stand up for themselves and what better way to do that and show them that they are still loved wanted and well taken care of being a caretaker means this and all the above to me besides my kids it is my passion in life
Personally, I became a Certified Personal Caregiver for the simple fact it's what I love to do. Growing up I watched my mother establish relationships with her clients; she was always so caring and never came home without a smile on her face. When I started different carrier paths, I quickly realized I also held the same love of work as my mother. Being able to help and care for an individual brightens my day and warms my heart. As of now I have been a certified caregiver for three years and have been loving this profession ever since. One patient that I was attending to was a paraplegic. It required me to be at her side for at least eleven hours of the day plus respite hours for the over time when times got rough for her. We stared a puzzle together and it took three months to finish but when we had it all completed, we framed it and hung on her wall beside her bed. It was a huge accomplishment on her part and now every time she looks at our creation she will remember all the wonderful time we had spent. together. I am currently striving to be an RN and enrolled in Collage at PVCC. I am lucky to be the age I am and have such a goal to strive for each and everyday. I personally believe that is why I have my head on straight and enjoy my life. Personality is such a huge part of this job. You have to be willing to put in time and truly care about your patients. One of many things I have learned throughout the time I have been a caregiver is that our patients are in pain and in