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I am an experienced care manager, as well as a caregiver. I can schedule, train, and manage your private caregivers, or I can give you the best tools to do that yourself. I can assist on a scheduled basis, or simply as needed. I can be the contact for your caregivers if you are away. Often the need for a caregiver arises quite unexpectedly. The process of knowing how often a caregiver is needed, exactly what can be expected of a caregiver, how to solve problems that may arise, and how to assess if the client and caregiver are a good fit, can be overwhelming. I can help with any or all of your concerns. I come to every job, caregiving or managing, with documents that I customize to assist myself and the client. I bring forms to list medications and when they are given, medical conditions, a form to record vitals, blood glucose, food and fluid intake or output, etc and a schedule to list and organize household duties. I also bring a journal in which I record each day. I am passionate about the work that I do. I am outgoing and pleasant by nature, and very organized. I am familiar with a good deal of the medical conditions that come with age. I am also familiar with the many medications that treat these conditions. I believe that my knowledge makes me a better, more understanding, and compassionate caregiver. I believe that aging at home is an excellent alternative to care in a facility. A great caregiver can make that possible. I know that to be a great caregiver I have to be caring, compassionate, intuitive, and motivated to ease the burdens of physical and mental decline. I have to adjust my behavior to suit the personality and preferences of the person in my care. I also have to be accountable, as my care can make the difference between a client suffering quietly or happily thriving. I continually strive for excellence in the hope that my care will make a difference.