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I have always been empathetic to the challenges of others. I am very adaptable and have a lot of patience. I would love to help you in doing the most important job in the world and caring for your loved one(s). When I was younger, I worked in a nursing home and loved being around the older people and being able to make them smile. Growing up, I participated in retreats for handicapped people, assisting with eating, walking or pushing a wheelchair. I took sign-language classes just to be able to communicate with the deaf in my community who had few people to communicate with. As I got older, I worked in home healthcare, assisting people with Alzheimer disease and took pleasure in being able to give their primary caretakers a reprieve, offering their loved ones gentle care from a pleasant and peaceful person. In recent years I was a school bus driver, transporting youth who had been kicked out of their schools, to their new schools. I engaged them in conversation and activities which helped to create a peaceful experience to and from school each day; something they were unaccustomed to. Within two months, you would have thought I was transporting a bus full of gifted children, as the children's aggressive and antagonistic behaviors stopped completely and they became agreeable and calm. I have taken care of four quadriplegics, providing range of motion exercises, bathing, feeding and whatever else was necessary in caring for them. I cared for a friend's baby who would often laugh and smile feeling comfortable in my care. I enjoy singing, being playful and helpful to children as they learn and grow. I have 3 children; a 30 year old who is a doctor, a 28 year old who manages a catering company and a 16 year old daughter at a boarding school preparing to go to Harvard Law and one day become a judge.