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**** Willing To Relocate To Any State *** &*** Salaried***** Hourly is negotiable. Professional Live in Care Provider I am a 33 year old male, I have provided care for my late patient these past 6 years and was by her side until the day she passed at the age of 99. As a live in care provider for a female dementia patient my duties consisted of but were not limited to: Scheduling Doctor Appointments. Personal care. Bathing. Manicures (Not pedicures). Medication management. Cooking. Light house keeping/cleaning Laundry. Transportation provisions, i.e shopping/outings, Light in home maintenance. (Optional) Lawn care. (Optional) I have been in healthcare for 15 years, providing exceptional care for the elderly/geriatric including dementia/stroke and cardiac patients. *Live in care provider.* PCT (Patient Care Technician) Baycare certified PST (Patient Services Technician). Unit Coordinator Baycare Certified. EKG Certified. Compassionate and assertive. I provide 24hr care, with one day off a week and 3 days (consecutively) off month days but negotiable and may be vary for convenience. Salary negotiable per patient needs and location. **** Willing to relocate to any state.**** $30.00 dollars an hour is not my hourly rate. A live in can not work hourly and benefit the patient, family and everyone involved. Live in requires a base pay daily and or pre shift. I would be happy to work with each interested party to arrange a win win for everyone.