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Senior Lifestyle Health and Wellness Educator and Coach working in home to support healthy living, nutrition, fitness and wellness. I offer family intervention, lifestyle management, art therapy, and fitness and aqua therapy. Family crisis intervention specialist with Alum Rock Counseling Center, San Jose, CA under the supervision of Alex Soto, LCSW Medical Assistant with Good Samaritan Women's Health Center, Los Gatos, CA for Dr. Peter Crandall, MD, Obgyn Medical Assistant with Health Fairs of America, as a corporate wellness specialist Social Work at Vanguard University of Southern California, Costa Mesa, CA I am an individual with a warm heart for families and individuals of all age groups and loving hands to support the needs of managing lifestyle changes and the aging process. It is my goal to nurture the matured adult lifestyle transition and to comfort, support and nurture their value, independence and dignity for ultimate growth and development. I believe seniors are the joy of life, I believe in educating our seniors to accept their transition by providing safeguards to insure the best of care and educational tools in art media, a variety of activities. Reading, singing and music increases brain stimulation and the learning process are just a few known activities to keep the brain healthy. Personal Assistant; run errands, grocery shopping, pick up Rx and Dr. visits Escort them and attend activities and events in the community, eat out, visit family and friends, etc. Prepare healthy snacks, a daily breakfast and lunch Indoor art media, motivating activity, fitness and wellness program and aqua therapy in the pool Support the family, communicate with the family on changes, needs and health concern Household management; communicate with family or other supportive care on needs of the household References: John & Lona Rowell 559-838-6290 Charlotte Willenbrough 559-799-3048