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This service is provided by a self-employed private duty registered nurse who has years of experience in areas of specialty. Specialized in trauma emergency, critical intensive care, & holistic home healthcare. Will provide client with information for verifying: state references for nursing & criminal clean back-ground check & employment references for good moral character. Providing Holistic Home Healthcare Services: Holistic Health Care Management is a comprehensive holistic service established to ensure the family's home healthcare needs are met holistically and naturally such as the clients: physical, mental, spiritual, and social well being; while adhering to holistic healthcare standards of excellence, quality care assurance, client privacy, safety, risk management, compliance, and providing care with love and compassion. The holistic nurse is a dedicated experienced healthcare professional who believe in providing clients with natural holistic healthcare to maintain and improve their health, providing care with love, professionalism, integrity, transparency, and honesty. Working together to serve the entire family for all of their healthcare needs in all stages of life. Holistic Home Healthcare Services: * Private Home Healthcare For Adults * Administering Natural Foods, Products, & Therapy For The Body & Home * Providing Skilled Nursing: * Providing Non-Skilled Nursing Assistance With Activities of Daily Living: * Health, Diet, Nutrition, & Treatment Education * Coordinating Physical Exercise & Social Activities * Message & Aroma Therapy * Providing Client Nursing Health Care Plan * Coordinating Care With Multi-Disciplinary Healthcare Professionals