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Born to older parents, exposed to illness, my parents didn't believe that this should be hidden from me. It would be better to be exposed in order to be prepared for life. Parents were German immigrants, and went through the second world war. One of the earliest experiences that I can remember is my dad relapsing from malaria. I applied cold compresses, and served him liquids, as the doctor told me to. My mom was ill, and cared for her until she died at age 46.I was 12. At 17, I was hired by Kimberly Quality Care as a home health aide. My client suffered a traumatic brain injury, and I learned so much from his family and the research I did on the subject. This led me to nursing school, and here it is, so many years later, and I am still learning more. Science and medicine are my passion, and that will never change. The advances made daily basis are not just amazing, but confounding. The scientific community is one I'm proud to be a part of. The best thing that I have ever done was in South Carolina, on the 3-11 shift. In order to save a life, I bypassed facility protocol, and I called rescue to send a patient to the hospital STAT. The staff was shocked, and told me that I would be fired. I was ready to lose my license, if that would just save that life. Long story short, the MD, who was also the medical director, treated this patient. He came in the following shift to let me know that the person survived, and if I had hesitated, that would not have been the case. I receiv