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I became a Caregiver because of love of helping people. I enjoy being a caregiver and have received several employee of the month awards while employed at Mount Sinai Hospital. I am a focused Caregiver with proven experience in a Hospital /Clinical/Home Care setting. Forward-thinking Educator with demonstrated success in training of new students, new employees, RSO, and staff on nuclear medicine procedures, radiation safety, and strict compliance with NRC. Quality leader with excellent communication and interpersonal abilities to build rapport with patients, physicians, staff, or other personnel. I am very proud of the following achievements: Reduced department downtime and enhanced efficiency with oversight of camera and equipment installation, testing and calibration. Conducted demonstrations on proper handling of Nuclear Medicine Procedures that are performed on geriatric, adolescent, pediatric, and neonatal patients to ensure procedural accuracy and efficiency. Trained students to prepare them to pass the NMTCB and ARRT Board Exams and translated tests in various languages to reduced patient anxiety and provided impetus to pass exams. Ideal candidate with a wealth of experience in healthcare. Maintained accurate and complete patient and departmental records that ensured there were no citations from the State Inspector in a 10-year period. Certified as a Pharmacy Technician and experienced in the removal of Pleural fluids. Able to start Iv's and prepare pharmaceutical kits assuring sterility and using aseptic techniques. Extremely capable and compassionate individual with extensive experience in elderly caregiving and clinical setting. Hard working, honest, individual who is able to take initiative and exceed the expectations of employer. Transitioning to obtain a caregiver position at a private household utilizing qualifications and caregiving skills to provide the client the best conmfort and safety possible.