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I am a 22 year-old, Certified Nursing Assistant looking to help, love and care for others who cannot to do so, entirely, on their own. Aside from my outgoing and selfless personality, I am a very hardworking, honest and trustworthy individual trying to pursue a career as a Registered Nurse. To say the very least, I love people! I enjoy talking with and learning about others, their history and experience as a human being. Nonetheless, I take great pride in helping others to reach their full potential despite the presence of any self-benefit or lack there of. Since the moment my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was certain that I would work in the medical field. At the age of 10 when I learned about my mom's diagnosis, both my mind and body were taken over by this burning passion to enter the field of oncology. However, I discovered through personal experience that the nurses, who cared for my mom day in and day out, were really the people who made the biggest impression and ultimately, made all the difference. Had it not been for those considerate, loving and beautiful souls who cared for her, my mom's battle against cancer may have been MUCH more heart wrenching and devastating to our family. Among other things, their comfort and support motivated my mother to keep pushing even on her worst, most brutal days. With that, It would be an honor and my absolute dream come true to have the opportunity to provide such sincere love and generosity to other people, with hopes of making the same difference that those nurses once did.