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I became a caregiver because when I was young my great grandmother pass away because they put her in a nursing home and she was so unhappy and I said to myself then that I was going to take care of the elderly when I get big and I have been working as a CNA every since I was 17 in high school I love my job as a caregiver it's a passion of achievement of mine is just seeing a smile on the family face when Is when they see change in their loved ones . I after I had been with them companionship, from private care just sitting with them in the hospital , being with them on their last days just walking in with a big smile and my client were say to me there go my angel that makes me feel so good to know that's how my client feel about me when they , I see me I just love that .and I am glad that I can make them feel good even though they are feeling down ,my friend have always told me if they ever got sick or their parents of a loved one they will want me to take care of them they said they love the spirit that I have the compassion the love that I bring to them when I'm around my smile my happy attitude. I am a mother of 5 kids they are all grow up now , i am grandmother of 11 and 5 great grandkids I love my family they mean a lot to me but as I'm getting older in life I found out that I need to find something for me so I told my family that I was thinking about relocating and doing a live in with my client I'm very passionate about my work as a caregiver I love it .