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I believe that I am a great caregiver because this term represents two different concepts that I am passionate about: care and giving. One of the most vital characteristics of a dedicated caregiver is the ability to provide comfort to individuals who need it most, and the most rewarding byproduct of this field is the gratitude and appreciation I perceive from the patients. I became a caregiver for two main reasons; primarily because the ability to assist others appeals to me. The other reason why I entered this field is because ever since I was young, I have appreciated the efforts of caregivers around me who altruistically performed their duties for both relatives and acquaintances. There's a difference between providing a service and providing a service with a full heart and with the intent to not only perform a duty, but to also be human. I recognize that this is a stressful time in the client lives, and that during the present, it is most important to give them the attention that they require in order to heal both physically and even mentally. What I am particularly proud of in terms of my achievements are that I achieved my intended goals and wanting to obtain an Associate Degree as a registered nurse. This is something that I always wanted to accomplish, and as I am currently working on my BSN. My perseverance have surprised even myself, as I did not know that I was this passionate about my career and that expanding it to its full potential would give me so much pleas
My sole aspiration was always to become a trained professional in the health care field; basically to help people recover in health, regain independence or live with their health challenges whether physically, psychologically or emotionally. I am an empathetic and compassionate individual, with an urging desire to help people in need of excellent healthcare services. As a health care professional, I always place myself in others situation despite age, color, gender or sexual orientation. Furthermore, I believe that everyone should be treated as equal with respect and dignity. Working with people from different walks of life, I developed a patience and caring nature. Some of the patients I cared for lacked the ability to be fully independent; at times they lashed out with frustration. Patience is a virtue and vital to the role of care giving. Hence, I am able to separate myself from potential anger not taking the situation personal, yet still providing quality healthcare. Reliability has always been one of the many traits; I strive continually to be on time in order to conduct my duties responsibly. Furthermore, I am a trustworthy individual that respects others property and will not take advantage of anyone venerability. Also, I am aware of and understand HIPAA privacy regulations in the medical field. With life ups and downs the needs for care may change due to unforeseen circumstances. As a responsible and reliable care giver; I am flexible and prepare to schedule my