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I always disliked these about me sections, do I tell the truth and come off arrogant or do you ignore it and seem dull? I will tell you what references and former employers have said about me in letter of recommendations or what they would likely say about me. I have a heart so big and am so caring, if someone cuts me off, and everyone else is upset yelling at them, I'm the one saying" they may be in a hurry" or " maybe they didn't see us. I have always, since I was a child, been focused, dependable and caring. I like to think I provide better services then most because your loved one is not a job, a client, a patient, they are someone's mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, friend and once I am to brought into care for them they are my family. I have went out in the middle of the night to check on my new found loved ones, I check on them on my days off. I am their loved ones eyes and ears when they aren't able to be there and I do for them the same as I would want for my loved ones. I have glowing recommendations from local Doctors, and many local families that I have worked for in the past, that I have continued to stay close with, many being considered my new families. I have 5 years medically training from working with Dementia patients to ALS. I have experience with catheters, peritoneal cathethers, feeding tubes, Loved ones needing physical therapy or just companionship. I will float on the fact I am a great cook, my parents owned restaurants growing up, so I grew up cooking: I am very dependable only missing one day of work at my last employers in 3 years, and it was because of bad weather and their road was closed due to a bad car wreck. I also work with a wonderful group of qualified ladies so together we can accommodate any hours needed and cover for one another if one ever has an emergency, so dependability is guaranteed. If your loved one is in need of someone like me feel free to give me a call!

Skills & Certifications: Home Health Aide (HHA)