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I decided to become a caregiver, mainly, because I had worked in so many jobs and careers where I had been laid off or the company went out of business. I had a friend that was in the industry and informed me that in the healthcare business you will practically always have a job. Honestly, I sincerely wish that I would have gotten into the industry right out of high school some twenty five years ago. Little did I know that I would come to absolutely love the job and the position. The thing I like most is meet the variance of people and building the relationships with someone I otherwise would never have had the opportunity of meeting. As a caregiver you have to understand that in this business many of the people we come in contact with eventually move on to the next life, but I cherish those moments and like to believe that I had a small hand in making the process and transition a bit more comfortable not only for the person but for the family as well. My personal achievement that I am most proud of is probably just the fact that I have been able to just go to work with a smile on my face and it not feel like a job or a task. I can go to sleep and feel that I did something productive with my time and made somewhat of a difference in some ones life each and every day; whether it was assisting them, just acknowledging the in some way, or just bringing a smile to their face. I love the industry so much and really do not like the bad taste you hear when the words "nursing h
Hello my name is Latoya and I have been a caregiver for 7 years. I love taking care of people especially if they can no longer do it themselves. Helping and encouraging them to be mobile if possible while listening and engaging conversation on topics that are most important to them. I have knowledge of and experience with Senior care in different environments such as one-on-one home health/companionship, retirement homes, and assisted living facilities. I am trained in a broad range of dynamics pertaining to but not limited to special needs. Intense hands-on training and focus in providing care for m.h.m.r/disabled/dementia/Alzheimer’s, and disease debilitating patients. I am trained C.N.A and I know how to use proper technique for transfer/ambulation to those that are physically challenged, and have mobility/barriers. Further knowledge includes use of basic lifting, Hoyer lift, and gate belts for those who are prone to falls. I do believe in charting the progress of my patients so that their family, physician's and loved one's can keep up with their every day care and any changes that may occur. I am professional and honor confidentiality. I have a current driver's license and automobile insurance. I am a non-smoker and prefer to work in a non-smoking environment, and I am comfortable working in a home who has pets as long as they do not bite. I have training in incontinence care and able to change adult briefs.