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Services offered are companion care, email correspondence (many clients have trouble typing/returning emails), reading to the client of their choice of topics, client laundry/housekeeping needs, transportation to/from doctor visits, grocery shopping, errands and/or outings. Light therapeutic exercises, muscle manipulation, eye to hand coordination, stretches to energize and help to strengthen. Medication compliance, testing of glucose levels, pulse/heartbeat monitoring, daily eye-drops (glaucoma), wound care and toileting assistance. Knowledgeable of the impact on health and the healing properties of certain tones and vibrational sounds, how to utilize them effectively. If the client is open to trying the sound modalities, the client may reap the benefits of increasing health for their mind, body and spirit. Depending on the client's wishes, this can be utilized intensely using headphones or played in the background while participating in other activities or therapies. Music therapy works exceedingly well for clients who suffer from Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's, brain injuries and/or depression as well as any physical ailments. It will even ease a headache or muscle aches. My best achievement was in caring for a gentleman aged 108. Utilizing knowledge/skill in ayurvedic foods and spices, he was up and doing six laps per day (with his walker) throughout the house. He enjoyed the activity and change of environment immensely, since he had been an athlete in his youth. He enjoyed the food and ate every single morsel. He increased his body's strength, as well as strengthened his memory. With constant care, his wounds healed. It was a miraculous change in his health and overall quality of life. I loved seeing the changes in him and seeing him smile, his newfound health made him radiant!!! No dead-weight lifting - No night driving Separate cost of $20/Hour to implement music therapy & Ayurvedic cooking.