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I first became a certified nurses aid when I was 21 years old and found it very satisfying. Working and honing my skills in every department of the hospital. Living near the hospital made it easy for me to be available to work overtime, during crisis, snow storms, and double shifts if the hospital was ever short staffed. So satisfying that when Medical Assistant became the next medical position in Northwestern Memorial Hospital outpatient facility I jumped at the chance to become the first. Passing with flying colors I was now armed and ready to provide a level of care I knew I was capable. Able to provide excellent patient care as well as bringing the knowledge needed to run a fully staffed Doctor/Nurse office as a Medical Assistant and later a Unit Coordinator of Outpatient Services at Northwestern Memorial Hospital on Chicago's prestigious Magnificent Mile. I could and did it all and I loved every second for over 15 years working with numerous Doctors working on the cutting edge of medicine,I was able to provide professionalism, selfless caring, fearlessness, empathy, exemplary patient care, excellent customer service, and secured client relations with a loving spirit and a great bedside manner. My greatest personal achievement was the raising of my son that was born Autistic. I knew it would be a challenge but he and I prevailed. He is living & working on his own since he was 21 years. Never drugs, jail, jobless, or homeless. He strives to excel in any situation. I am proud. He lives independently working a job since the day he left home on his own. Working a position for over 15 years he continues to make me proud. I am a woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a caregiver, a volunteer, a teacher, a professional home Designer, a traveler, a homemaker, a companion, a cancer survivor, and a friend. I love what I do & I do it well.