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Hello My Name is Erica, I am a Caregiver I have been a caregiver all my life really it started when i was 3 years old I would always take care of my uncle Christopher. I was really to young to know what he had(Kidney Cancer) but I always knew he was sick. I stood by his side and took care of him any and everything he needed i was there my family always called me his little nurse i would watch and help my mother and grand mother give him his medicine and comfortable before and up until his death. so as year went by I would always help my other family members when getting old enough to realize certain things and study on things. I started watching my grandmother and my father as diabetics take medicine my father taught me how to give insulin and my grandmother taught me how to take blood pressure and blood sugar. My grandmother was around her 40's when her help started getting bad and I would always help her with things but my grandmother was on oxygen I would always go to doctors appointments and learn how to work things they gave her or how to give it to her. They Tried to offer my grandmother Dialysis she was obese and she declined because of rumors of death because of it and months later she had a stroke and passed away. my father started taking dialysis and learn after years of football as a kid an always being on his feet he had to get his toes amputated so I learned to do dressing and cleaning wounds his foot healed. My Aunts deal with my great grandmother having dementia and alzheimer's we sent her to rehabs and Nursing homes but they wanted my grandmother to rest easy and be with family for her finale days my aunts didn't know what to do so they hired me and I leaned to deal with hospice care and work a hoyer lifter and did that before her finale days.. so it made me worker harder to get to my dream as a nurse I am still working on getting my CNA license. and for now doing Caregiving until I am done.