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I never thought about being a caregiver. But I was asked by a friend if I could spend some time and help out with her Grandmother. I had no experience in this area, but I instantly fell in love with my "client". In the beginning, she was able to do some things for herself, even with the dementia.She enjoyed being on the front porch, even though when we got back in the house, she wouldn't remember it. She loved spraying herself off after a shower. And she loved her ice cream. But as time went on she got weaker and weaker. When she was ill enough to be put in a nursing home for more intense care, I decided that this was something I was good at and enjoyed doing. So I went to school to obtain my CNA license. When my "little lady" was returned home, it was just a matter of keeping her comfortable. But she was still in good spirits. I wasn't there the day she passed, because my Dad passed the day before. Working in assisted living was an easier pace, and it seems more attention is paid to the clients. I worked in the Dementia unit which presents it's own set of situations. But the clients I worked for were wonderful people. It wasn't hard to have a smile on my face everyday just being around them, even though some days could be pretty intense. I've always said I would treat any "client", "patient", as family. The way I would take care of my own. And I found that out in Oct of last year, when I was fortunate enough to take care of my own Mother as she struggled with cancer, it was an honor to be with her through her last days. I've held the hand of a few of my "family" of people, including my own Mother as they have left this world. And just knowing that I was able to give them some peace and some comfort to me is what makes me enjoy this job, even with the sorrow that comes with it. I'm looking to have a one on one position. I would like to be close to the Antioch/Brentwood, Tenn area, I just moved here and I'm still getting acquainted with the area.
My name is Jessica and I am currently a pre-med student taking a gap year while applying for school next fall. I've spent the last three years since graduating High School travelling and working in different states & countries to learn more about health and different cultures. Since I was in elementary school though, I have always had a passion for volunteering and serving with older people both personally and in Nursing homes. As the oldest sibling of seven kids and 3 dogs, helping out around the house (with cleaning, cooking, running errands and everything in between) I'm no stranger to hard hands-on work and love being engaged in personal development with others. I have a wide range of work experience from Vanderbilt Medical centre hospital, Girl Scouts of America, food services, cleaning, and private companies in the Nashville area. Having just gotten back from spending an extended period with my Grandmother, I want to continue learning and being of service to a family looking for an extra hand with their ageing family members. Currently, I live in Goodlettsville and am looking to stay in the mid to northeast area of town. I'm available every day except for Sundays, August 25th, October 6th, November 3rd, and December 1st - as for the Christmas holiday I may have plans to be out of town for the last 2-3 weeks of December. My preference for work would be mid-morning to afternoons but am open to discussing personalized schedules depending on needs.