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I am a certified yoga instructor, and have been teaching chair yoga and chair exercise classes regularly since October. I am easy going, focused and patient and enjoy cooking, planning meals and running errands. I am genuinely interested in hearing other people's stories, and increasing their quality of life. I have experience working in the activities department of a retirement community and working with my own family members. While in high school and college I volunteered in retirement communities and enjoyed the work immensely. Growing up, I was fortunate to have all 4 of my grandparents in my life. They are the wise ones, the storytellers, the family history buffs, my companions and, in the case of my Nana, my best friend. They have inspired many of my great adventures and my long term goals. I moved from a roll of child, where they took care of me, to care taker, where I took care of them. All of my grandparents have different life circumstances and health challenges and through their challenges I learned how to help them manage their circumstances. My Sittoo had severe Alzheimer's for almost 18 years where she was confined to a wheelchair and unable to speak for the majority of that time. My Nana and Grandpa, both have/had diabetes, arthritis and other medical challenges. My Giddoo was the full time care giver of my Sittoo, which, at 85 years old, was a challenge. I have taken care of these people that I love dearly with attentiveness, and care, I hope to have the chance to work this way with your family, too. My long term goal is to create a retirement community for people who want an increased quality of life, who desire to be connected to their community and who are interested in sharing their wisdom and knowledge with younger generations. Lastly, I am current on my American Red Cross CPR certification and have a basic knowledge of first aid. I am in VCU's masters of Gerontology program and expect to graduate next year.