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I've been an active caregiver for the past 15 years or so, both as a live-in and live-out caregiver. Most of my working experience comes from outside of the US. I started working as a caregiver because needed a job and earn money(do not let yourself fooled by anyone that says otherwise ) and as a single mom of three you can guess that i had no choice in choosing what i considered at that time that i would like. During the years i earned so much more than money. I started out with a job and ended up with having more and more family members as each and one of the patients that i assisted become in some way my mother/father, my daughter/son and a challenge to build up my empathic skills . Ended up understanding that caregiving is not a JOB although it's paid. You treat not just people but a very fragile class of people. They definitely need our assistance in daily chores but that is not enough , they need somebody that does not define them only trough their disability. Caregiving it's not just about taking care of a body it is a 360 degree assistance which consider the person in a holistic way (body,mind and spirit) As a caregiver i might fail in some chores(nobody is perfect) but one thing that i am proud of is that as much as i could i tried to bring joy. Hard but necessary was when I had to assist patients in an point where life comes to an end. In some cases I sing their favourite song, hold a hand, give a caress to the person in need and explain to family members that it is perfectly normal to be scared or to suffer and to assure them that they are not alone.
I am a Registered Nurse of 38 plus years who retired two years ago. I have worked on medical, surgical ( with pediatric) units as well as labor & delivery, nursery & care of mom's recovering from deliveries. I have personal experience caring for immediate family members as well as patients with mental illnesses, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure , dialysis & dementia. I worked at a local hospital for 18 years, then at a physician's office doing phone triage. I then became a school nurse for 11 years caring for grades 3, 4 & 5. I knew I wanted to be a nurse since I was 3 years old & never wavered. I began working at 16 years old as a nurses aid. I am a compassionate caregiver who gives her heart & soul to whom ever I am caring for. My job performances have always been average to above average. My job as an RN did not stop when I got home. I cared for my brother for 35 years till he passed from a multitude of illnesses, many of which are mentioned above. I cared for my Mom when she became ill with dementia. I want very much to continue helping & caring for others but in a different capacity as a companion. Less paperwork & more time with your loved one no matter their age. My focus is always on the individual I am with & my care is individualized according to whom I am caring for. I have never had any compliments during my tenure. I treat my patients the same way I would hope my parents, children and siblings would be. I have passed my criminal record check. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you for considering me as a candidate to care for your loved one.