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What makes me a Great Care giver, is my huge heart and personal ability to empathize and be compassionate w my clients. I know nobody wishes to be sick or ailing, so I always try to bring a little sunshine into they're lives, and let them feel a sense of unity and belonging. I try to leave my clients in a better state of mind, than before I got there. I became care giver; because in a pretty dark part of my past, someone very close to me ended up being stabbed 8x. And I was so scared, that I didn't even know what to begin to do. So it was then,that i decided to get into the healthcare field, educate myself, so that I would never find myself in a situation like that again. I love so much about working as a care giver, where should I start?... First off, the fulfillment of actually being able to help someone, hands-on, is very self-gratifying for me. Also knowing that I may make someone's life a little less stressful or painful, just by being able bodied enough to assist them in day to day needs, means a lot for me. But being able to touch someone's life, by sharing a piece of my love, kindness, and understanding w a individual or family, as well as imprinting a piece of myself within them, is probably the BEST reward out of it all. I believe God will place us into certain people's life's at just the right time. When it is most needed. That we may embark on a journey of strength and hopefully healing together. I know in my Heart of Hearts, that being able to offer my help, assistance, or relief to someone or a family in dire need of it, is truly where I need to be. I need to be helping people.... One person at a time. God Bless. I look forward in hearing from you. 😀 Stay Safe.