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Every since I was around 9 years old I knew then I wanted to help other's . My parents let me watch a 6 weeks old baby boy even though they were just across the street and parents up stairs, it was a joy! Since then I started at Ft. Carson military family as a red cross volunteer at age 16, after had other jobs but I was always drawn back to caring of other's. I have many different levels of care experience including Hospice as caring for children of many different levels of care as special needs adults. I have worked in hospital settings as nursing hms as asst. living including personal care & private care. I have been a personal asst to those that needed help organizing their lives such as book keeping, mail, areas of concerns, cooking, cleaning, errands, a lot of hands on, Dr appts, meetings with love ones as social workers. I had my own business so I'm very aware of customer service as patience. My, my, my to look bk at years of experience 20 plus as becoming a great grandma only had one child a girl, some tells me I don't look like a grandma let alone a great grandma, I give thanks for good genes & most times healthy eating and if I may say so the lord above, please don't let me saying the lord above scare u off from hiring me; I don't push my beliefs on anyone. I like to say most times I have more good days then bad as most of us , I hope.. I'm register with the state with a CNA license as CPR through the red cross. I have to say if I read this I would hire me, ha, ha. We all can use a smile as some laughter considering these days events! Thanks for considering me. Take care you and yours!

Skills & Certifications: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

1. I became a caregiver when my mother was diagnosis with Alzheimer's. I wanted to learn as much as I could about Alzheimer's and in so doing I wanted to help others. 2. I enjoy helping others who are in need. Helping in any way I can to make there life more enjoyable, without the daily stress of life. 3.When the clients family told me how thankful they were that I was there taking care of there loved relieved them of great amount of stress. To know that they could trust me with there loved one. And that they were satisfied with the care there love one was receiving, meant a lot to me. 4. I was born in a family with older parents, and so this is where my caring for them, started me on my path to care for others. I have had many jobs over the years, my husband is now retired military and served for 20+years. All the jobs that I had were in helping others. Retail, hair dresser, child care, administrative, caring for the elderly. As a person I am kind, patience, a good listener and I enjoy helping people. I see there need and want to make life a little easier for those that are in need. I have many hobbies, such as I like gardening, decorating, crafts, sewing, reading, I like to go for walks, I enjoy cooking. I love to travel and learn about the history of that area. that is why I loved living in Germany. I am a great Caregiver because I love caring for people. I see there needs, and what to help them, but still have them keep there independence.