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I love helping people, and especially acute care or palliative care. I have taken care of clients after cervical fusions, knee replacements, leg surgeries. I have stayed in-hospital with clients, checked their medication records and insured proper dosages and times, assisted with physical therapy, and acted as a liaison between medical staff and family. My strongest traits are reliability, patience, kindness, problem-solving, and client-centered actions that keep the client as independent as possible. I have a great sense of humor. I also have extensive experience in palliative and hospice care, including administration of TPN. The journey to our next destination can take many paths, but it can be a positive journey of discovery. Providing support for the loved ones of the client is as important as client care. In many ways, I have always been a caregiver. I am the oldest of seven children, so it comes naturally to me. I assisted my grandfather, both grandmothers, my mother, mother-in-law at the time, and my father in their dying process. My first job was as a CNA at a nursing home when I was 16. I fell in love with taking care of people while in the medical field, and that hasn't changed in all these years. Whether it be living as independently as possible or dying with dignity, I feel compelled to help people through this process. I was a Red Cross instructor for many years, including teaching the 64-hour First Responder course to Department of Transportation employees. I thoroughly love teaching others how to help people, whether it be a crisis situation, or simple first aid. I am passionate about caregiving, and compassionate in my approach to those in need.