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I am a motivated Certified Medical Assistant with 8 years hands-on experience working in assisted living facilities with geriatric patients. I feel confident that my background, strong bedside manner and skill in providing high top -notch care makes me an ideal match. I have worked extensively with special needs adults, providing and documenting all personal care and rehabilitation services such as feeding, bathing, and assisting with mobility. My focus on safety and nurturing nature allows me to help boost resident morale and help them maintain dignity in times of distress. I have worked with disabled adults for more than 5 years at Flower Mound Assisted Living and strongly feel that my background would serve me well in working with residents in need of rehabilitative or general care.My dedication to delivering care and compassion to every individual I serve is evidenced by the following professional acomplishments,Patient-Centered Care, I Received a highly regarded awarded “Employee of the Year” at Flower Mound Assisted Living voted on by owner and administrater, for going above and beyond on behalf of residents and their family members. I Streamlined treatment documentation by implementing improvements to the routine forms used to track patient progress and treatments. Partnered with other nursing assistants and registered nurses to effectively track status, progress and overall well-being of patients. I also hold current AED, CPR ,BLS certifications Granted by the American Heart Association . I've continued to pursue training, opportunities, in order to stay current with the best practices. In 2009 I returned to school to become a medical Assistant, I currently hold a licence as National, as well as resigrater Medical Assistant including; spealizeING in blood draws, injections, standing in on minor surgical procedures

Skills & Certifications: Medical Assistant (MA), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Personal Assistant (Patient Advocate / Personal Care Coordinator) 2008 - Present Private Residence – Denver, CO Following diagnosis of family member’s rare form of MS, devoted time to securing medical benefits and treatment while managing daily care and operations of the household. I worked multiple positions at a time for the last 10 years. • Accurately completed highly detailed and complex filings for Medicare, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and private insurance COBRA; successfully managed appeal for SSDI and awarded full benefits • Coordinated care with doctors, including gaining referral for specialist capable of handling the rare Marburg Variant MS, an aggressive, malignant form of Multiple Sclerosis • Monitored and managed medications, upholding a high degree of control over expensive prescriptions • Researched and compared pharmacy costs and discovered creative financing for medication not fully covered by Medicare and traditional insurance resources Patient Advocate / Personal Care Coordinator / Personal Assistant​2006 - 2011 Private Residences Provided direct care and assistance to family members, including end-stage cancer patient and senior with cancer, Alzheimer’s and COPD. Oversaw personal finances and maintained the residences. • Researched medical terminology and treatments on an array of conditions • Provided compassionate personal support for family during hospice care • Communicated patient care concerns with doctors, health care providers and insurance, including reviews of prescriptions, treatments, expectations and billing concerns • Helped transition elderly patient into assisted living facility

Skills & Certifications: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT), Home Health Aide (HHA)