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I became a caregiver when I seen my grandmother go through stage four lung cancer. I seen the way she was treated by her caregivers and the joy they brought to her last days, it made me so happy inside to see that someone cared about her as much as I did. That made me realize how much I wanted to do that for someone and their loved ones. I am a mother of two beautiful girls and it makes me a better caregiver for the fact that I see my patients as my child, for the fact they cannot do for themself. I strive to treat my patients as if everyday was the last and try to make it the best it could possibly be. I'm personally proud of myself for the determination I have. I set my mind to something and I do it. I am a very dependable person because I understand that my patients need me along with their family. I enjoy spending time with my patients and keeping them happy. I'm a very open and loving person, I have always been known for being honest and conplient with my patients wishes and family's concerns. I have had a lot of caregiving experience from my grandmother to my brother who has Down syndrome and isn't capable of caring for himself. I also took care of a man who had cerebral palsy and congested heart failure along with several other things. I cared for him for years until his family moved him out too live with them. I was in charge of everything for him I was there everyday for a year until they hired a part time caregiver. Then I was there everyday but Saturday and Sunday, I fed him every meal and bathed him everyday. I was with him from when he woke up till he was in bed to go to sleep, I gave him all of my attention 24/7. I treated him as if he was my own and mothered him which is my best trait.