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As a growing child, watching my grandmother die made me feel helpless and terribly sad. I felt i could have tried to stop her from dying, but how much could an eight year old girl have done. That pain was not wasted as it spurred in me the desire to help other sick people recover and not die. That was how my desire to become a caregiver started. My desire was to obtain a degree in nursing and start from there. I pursued it and had just my senior year in the BSN program to finish up before i was unjustly removed from the program for a reason that is yet to be explained to me. It happened during the summer break, after i had successfully concluded my junior year. It could not do much as an international student, since the verdict came close to the resumption of a new semester, as delaying to switch major would make me drop out of status with the immigration. I had to transfer my hours to General Studies just to graduate. Even though i lost that degree, my skills learned are still with me. I have also obtained a CNA certification just to help me remain in care-giving until i am able to go back to get my RN licensure. Being a caregiver is my calling, so i am not giving that up. My personality is very persevering, goal-oriented, compassionate, empathetic, detail-oriented, with good judgment, with good work ethics, treat people with respect and dignity, etc. I remember that whenever i deliver care to patients and residents., they compliment my thoroughness & attention to detail. I hope to find a opportunity here to keep builing my skills. I am illing to relocate to anywhere and have work authorization.